There are 15 lunar trees in the United Kingdom (but it is not known where)

There are 15 lunar trees in the United Kingdom (but it is not known where)

A Royal Astronomical Society It is UK Space Agency Trees grown from seeds that fell on the moon by NASA astronaut Stuart Rusa during the 1971 Apollo 14 mission.

NASA astronaut Stuart Rousseau took about 500 tree seeds as a psychic Pinus tita – A type of pine – for the 1971 Apollo 14 mission.

He explained that although most of them were later planted in the United States, about 15 trees may have come to the United Kingdom. Steve Miller, Vice President Royal Astronomical Society, No program Gardeners, Gives BBC Radio4.

If the resulting trees or their offspring can be found, they can be planted late, marking up to twenty years. Royal Astronomical Society, Which was celebrated in 2020.

A month after the show, Miller has been looking for trees, but in vain.

Q Gardens That’s it Jodrell Bank Arboretum No seed records He is said to have come to England.

According to one Release, Promised Royal Astronomical Society Cutting of a second generation lunar tree growing in a private garden in the village of Flamstead in the Children’s Hills north of London.

We are so grateful for that. We would like to know more about whether the Apollo 14 seeds came to the UK – if so – What’s wrong with him?Miller explained.

NASA sends seeds into space to study the extent to which microgravity affects plants. An investigation into the possible consequences is still ongoing.

In 2015, two kilograms of seeds were spent six months at the International Space Station (ERA) with British European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake. When the seeds returned to Earth in 2016, school children and groups in the UK took part in an experiment to see if radiation could affect seed germination in space 100 times more powerful than Earth.

Results, although arugula seeds are slow-growing and more sensitive than aging, they are viable.

The United Kingdom has seven apple trees, which ISS with peak. Completed the mission of a lifetime while traveling to. The British space agency developed the seeds of the tree, which prompted Newton to discover gravity.

Sending the seeds into space helps to understand the effect of the unique environment on the biological composition of the seeds. Understanding the effects of space on germinated seeds will be essential for future space missions, even if we want to sustain human life beyond Earth, ”he said. Libby Jackson, Head of Human Research for the UK Space Agency.

More than 60 lunar trees have been grown on Earth since 1971 from the seeds of the Apollo mission.

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