The young man is crowned a hero of mercy and receives a statue in the United Kingdom

The young man is crowned a hero of mercy and receives a statue in the United Kingdom

Sebbie Hall, 20, received a statue for her commitment to helping others and was crowned the UK’s Compassion Hero.

In three years he did many generous deeds. The young man supported more than 450 families and put a smile on the faces of more than 3 thousand people through donations.

With her mother she founded her own charity, the Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation, which helps vulnerable young people, as well as encouraging others to follow her example.

How did it start?

Finding that some of his colleagues did not have a computer to study, Sebi started helping his friends during the pandemic lockdown.

At first, he thought about donating himself, but realized it wouldn’t help everyone.

The then 17-year-old started washing cars to save money and buy a laptop for each.

He wanted to repay the help he received from so many people while dealing with a rare chromosomal abnormality that caused him physical and communication problems.

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A man of mercy

Food company KIND Snacks launched a survey to find England’s favorite person, and Sebi immediately received nearly 500 nominations.

He was voted England’s Gentleman Hero of 2023 and honored with a statue near Tower Bridge in London.

It featured the 1.80-metre-tall figure with Sebi in a superhero pose and the young man’s motto: ‘Kindness is my superpower’.

A more than deserved tribute

In three years, Sebi has donated 400 coats and blankets to homeless charities, given 800 toys to children in shelters, and as a teenager used his own money to buy strangers coffee.

“Honoring Sebi’s kindness with a statue seemed like the perfect way to celebrate such a remarkable person,” commented KIND spokesperson Sam Wainwright.

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On the day the statue was unveiled, the young man said: “I want to entertain people inside. Mercy is my power.”

You can’t agree, can you?

Watch how the statue was made in the video:

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