The WTTC warns that the UK risks being ‘increasingly isolated’ with restrictions

This train takes about four hours to travel from Amsterdam Central Station to St Bangras in London

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WDTC) has issued a public warning about the UK, which is increasingly at risk of being isolated if the doors to international travel continue to close. The “warning” comes as numbers show that early bookings for international flights are far less likely to increase the capacity generated by additional flights planned by planes over the summer.

In the two weeks since the launch of the new travel system, regular flights from the UK to Greece have increased by more than 2,000%, while flights to Spain have increased by 435%, according to Syrian data, compared to two weeks ago. However, the analysis of the latest ticket sales shows that companies have increased their capacity Forward Keys This shows that it does not match the bookings.

“The WTTC urges the government to allow all those who have been fully vaccinated or who have shown evidence of a negative Govt-19 test to travel freely.”

On average, UK airline ticket sales to Greece and Spain fell 37% and 44%, respectively, for the week of May 14. Even at the end of last month, data shows that more tickets were canceled than the new bookings. The WTTC’s concern about the shortage of travelers to the UK is linked to possible damage to the travel and tourism sector.

“The WTTC urges the government to allow free travel for all those who have been fully vaccinated or who have shown evidence of a negative Govt-19 test. Said WTTC senior VP Virginia Messina.

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The WTTC argued that the UK should take a more risk-based approach and include countries with similarly low infection rates and improved vaccination programs. The United States, for example, should be included in a measure that could “ban” Atlantic travel.

WTTC’s recent 2021 Economic Impact Report (EIR) highlights the UK’s decline from fifth to eighth place The world’s largest travel and tourism markets by 2020, After the sector’s share of the country’s GDP fell by 62.5%.

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