The world’s first magnetic levitation train at 600 km/h rolls off the assembly line

This event represents China’s latest scientific and technological achievement in railway transportation

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China Radio International – China’s new high-speed maglev train (magnetic levitation), with an expected top speed of 600 km/h, rolled off the production line on Tuesday (20). It is currently the fastest ground vehicle available in the world.

The new magnetic transmission system was publicly launched for the first time in the coastal city of Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province. Developed by China, it represents the country’s latest scientific and technological achievement in rail transportation, according to China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC).

China’s new achievement shows that the country has mastered a full range of engineering technologies for high-speed maglev trains, including system integration, vehicle production, traction power supply, railway tracks, transportation communications and control, the company.

Launched in October 2016, the high-speed maglev train project developed a prototype magnetic levitation train with an expected top speed of 600 km/h in 2019, and carried out a successful test in June 2020.

The company said engineers have completed the integration of the maglev transmission system, and a five-car train is running well on a test line inside the plant.

The train can contain two to ten cars, each with more than 100 passengers, according to Ding Sansan, the project’s chief engineer.

The train provides the best solution for 1,500 km travel, said Ding, adding that it bridges the speed gap between planes and express trains.

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