The United States threatens to take “measures” against Venezuela

The United States threatens to take “measures” against Venezuela
Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro during a migration summit in Mexico last week| Photo: EFE/Carlos Lopez

The United States on Monday (30) threatened to “take action” against Venezuela, after the country’s Supreme Court of Justice suspended the entire opposition primary electoral process.

In the vote held on the 22nd, former representative Maria Corina Machado was chosen to run in next year’s presidential elections, in a potential conflict with dictator Nicolas Maduro.

A US State Department spokesman informed the press that the White House called on the Chavez regime “to maintain the commitments made when signing the Barbados Political Roadmap Agreement.”

“The United States government will take action if Maduro and his representatives do not fulfill their obligations under the electoral road map,” the spokesperson added.

The agreement, signed two weeks ago in Barbados between the Chavez dictatorship and the opposition, set the conditions for holding free elections in 2024, including international monitoring.

As a result of this commitment, the US government announced, on the 18th of this month, the partial suspension of sanctions imposed on Venezuela, including sanctions on oil and gas, for a period of six months, although it warned on that occasion that it might reconsider the decision. If the political crisis worsens. US prisoners in Venezuela will not be released if opposition protester Maria Corina Machado continues to be banned from holding elected public office.

The Supreme Court, backed by Chavismo, on Monday ordered the suspension of “all effects of the various stages of the electoral process conducted by the National Primary Committee” (CNP), after accepting the appeal filed by Rep. José Brito, who requested a review of “irregularities.” (EFE Agency)

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