The United States kills an Iranian-backed militia leader in a drone strike in Baghdad, Iraq world

The United States kills an Iranian-backed militia leader in a drone strike in Baghdad, Iraq  world

US kills Iranian-backed militia leader with drone strike in Baghdad, Iraq

United State One of the leaders of the armed Phalange militia was killed Hizb allahWith support from Iranwith a drone bombing in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Wednesday (7), according to Reuters.

A statement by the US Armed Forces said, “US forces carried out a unilateral attack in Iraq in response to attacks against the US army, resulting in the killing of the commander of Kataib Hezbollah, who was responsible for direct planning and participation in attacks against US forces in the region.”

The armed forces statement did not mention the name of the commander of the Hezbollah Brigades, and stated that there was no evidence of civilian casualties.

Two security sources who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity said that the dead commander was Abu Baqir al-Saadi and he was inside a car.

This was stated by one of the sources interviewed by Reuters Three people were in the car that was attacked and died. According to the source, the car was used by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, a security agency made up of dozens of armed groups. Many of them are close to Iran.

According to American officials interviewed by The New York Times, the attack was a “dynamic” strike against the militia leader, who was already being monitored by US intelligence. Officials also indicated that the country may attack other Shiite militia commanders and commanders in the future.

American retaliatory attacks

A destroyed car in Baghdad, Iraq, after a drone attack by the United States military, on February 7, 2024. – Photo: Reuters/Ahmed Saad

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