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Government United State On Monday (20) an investigation was announced after images of horseback guards chasing Haitian migrants in Texas, on the border with Mexicocause astonishment.

Photograph by photographer Paul Ratje from Agence France-Presse A passenger agent grabs a man by the shirt and another is trying to escape (look up). In another photo, it is possible to see another police officer showing the reins of his horse in a threatening manner against a group.

US government Fly Haitians who were camping in Texas City back to Haiti It tries to prevent more immigrants from entering (see video below).

About 12,000 people who were staying near a bridge in Del Rio, Texas are expected to be deported. They entered the United States through the municipality of Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

US deports migrants held under a bridge on the border with Mexico

Democrat Benny Thompson, chairman of the House National Security Committee, said in a statement that the images taken near Del Rio were “appalling and deeply disturbing.”

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki described the photo as “appalling.” “I don’t know the whole context, but I can’t imagine in what context it would be appropriate.”

Police on horseback were sent on Sunday (19) to an area near the Rio Grande, at the border, where thousands of migrants, mostly Haitians, camped, hoping to enter the United States.

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