Hundreds of Jews were arrested in the United States for demonstrating for peace

Hundreds of Jews were arrested in the United States for demonstrating for peace

Jews are arrested in the United States

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Sputnik – Hundreds of people were arrested on Friday (27) after police broke up a large protest at Grand Central Station in New York. The Jewish group “Jewish Voice for Peace” called for the demonstration in support of Gaza.

According to information from the New York Police. At least 200 people were arrested. The organizers claim so The number is closer to 300.

The protest was called by the New York branch of the NGO Jewish Voice for Peace. The NGO stated that thousands of its members participated in the protest, and that “The largest civil disobedience New York City has seen in the last 20 years“.

The group has already implemented Another protest in Washington Two weeks ago, where others Hundreds of demonstrators were also arrested.

Videos from the scene show a large crowd of people at the train and subway station. The vast majority wear T-shirts with phrases like “Not in our name” that it “The Jews say ceasefire now“, or “Not in our name” that it “The Jews demand a ceasefire now“, in a free translation. The images also show banners and posters bearing the words “Palestinians must be free” that it “Mourning for the dead, and a desperate struggle for the living“.

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Other videos show dozens of demonstrators in lines, They were handcuffed and detained by police forces from the city.

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The demonstration began with Lighting the Shabbat candles And reciting a Jewish prayer dedicated to the dead, Known as Kaddish.

“Although the Sabbath is usually a day of rest, We can’t afford to rest As genocide unfolds in our namesRabbi May Yee said in a statement issued by the organizers.

The lives of Palestinians and Israelis are intertwined The rabbi said that security can only come through justice, equality and freedom for all.

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