The United States buys airline tickets in bulk from the Taliban airline

Ariana Airbus A310 – Photo by Sergey Kostov (CC)

Initially, information was presented that the US government is obliged to purchase airline tickets on a large scale from the state-owned airline Ariana Afghan, which is currently in the hands of the Taliban. By NBC News, citing four sources close to the operation. However, the payments will not come directly from US government accounts, but from an organized Qatar-based process, which acts as an intermediary in the process.

But the purpose of these deals is to allow the continued evacuation of Afghans who previously served alongside US forces in Afghanistan. Whereas, the evacuation flights only took place in August of last year, after the Taliban took over the country again, and other flights operated by Qatar continued until last January, Subsequently, the evacuation of refugees was possible only with the agreement with the Taliban and on flights operated by local companies.For two months now.

Ariana Afghan has two flights per week on the Kabul – Doha route, however, US prices per seat on the flight have not been reported. According to the company’s website, a round-trip ticket on the road costs about $480.

However, these efforts may take a long time, as it is estimated that more than 150,000 Afghans are trying to move to the United States, many of whom have left Afghanistan since August last year, but most of them are still in Afghan territory. They want to leave the Taliban yoke because they do not agree with their form of government and also out of fear, after helping the United States in its domination of the country for 20 years.

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Although not a sanctioned airline, Ariana Afghan is banned from traveling to the European Union and the United States due to a reckless safety record.

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