The United States and Vietnam should make a larger arms deal between the two countries

The United States and Vietnam should make a larger arms deal between the two countries

The North American government is negotiating the sale of a fleet of F-16 fighters to the Asian country in 2024

Advisors to US President Joe Biden said that the US government intends to sell a fleet of F-16 fighter aircraft to Vietnam. If the agreement is signed, it will be the largest arms transfer between the two countries in history.

According to the news agency Reuters, The agreement, which is still in its preliminary stage, was discussed in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, and in the North American cities of New York and Washington. The United States would be interested in offering prices “special offers” To Vietnam. Prices were not disclosed, according to Reuters, The deal should be completed in 2024.


The South China Sea is part of the Pacific Ocean. It has an area of ​​about 3.5 million square kilometers, extending from Singapore to the Taiwan Strait. The sea is part of territorial disputes between China and other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam. The United States is also embroiled in a geopolitical dispute with Beijing over freedom of movement in disputed waters.

According to the ReutersA US official said the country has “A very productive and promising security relationship” With Vietnam.

“We see their interest [Vietnã] On some US systems, especially anything that can help them better monitor their maritime domain, maybe transport aircraft and some other platforms.“, announced the American official.

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