The United Kingdom will vaccinate against coyote

Campaign Vaccine against Govt-19 In UK The scientific committee that oversees it will announce on Friday that immunizations are a priority for people, not based on age and occupation.

Government Boris JohnsonIt launched its massive campaign on December 8 and has vaccinated nearly 19 million of the country’s 66 million people, which is expected to cover everyone over the age of 50, health workers and people with disabilities by mid-April. Severe health problems.

Later, the JCVI Scientific Committee announced that the vaccine would enter its second phase.

It examined advice to prioritize certain occupations, such as police officers or teachers, as requested by the unions, but decided that age should continue to be a priority factor in an effort to reduce hospitalization and mortality from -19.

Targeting the campaign with age is “straightforward, and simplicity is one of the key elements of the project in terms of speed and success,” team member Professor Wei Shen Lim explained at a news conference.

He said changing the strategy to focus on certain industries would be “too complicated and could cause delays”, stressing that “speed is important”.

For this second phase, JCVI advises people to prioritize 40 to 49 years, then 30-39 years Finally, adults aged 29 to 18 years. Minors are not currently vaccinated.

Government spokesman assured that the four countries of the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – “Follow the recommended approach”.

Johnson’s administrator has set a goal of having the first dose for all adults by the end of July.

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