The United Kingdom reduces the Govt-19 warning level from 5 to 4

Health officials in the United Kingdom, the most severely affected country in Europe International spread With more than 122,000 people dead, this Thursday reduced the national alert to a point Corona virus, At the fifth and highest level ever.

“Following the advice of the Joint Center for Life Safety, in light of the most recent data … the UK alert level should go from level 5 to level 4 in all four countries,” UK medical officials said. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Following the discovery in December of the highly contagious corona virus, new infections were encountered, The United Kingdom has been in a third locked position since the beginning of January It should start rising on March 8 by reopening schools.

Health services in four countries continue to be under great pressure, with a large number of hospitalized patients, ”medical officials said.

“However, thanks to the efforts of citizens, we are now seeing a steady decline in numbers, and the threat that the National Health Service and other health services will increase within 21 days has diminished,” they said.

The UK, with a population of 66 million, has all the confidence in its massive vaccination campaign that began on December 8th. The first dose of the vaccine was then given. Pfizer/Bioentech The Astrogenogen/Oxford 18.7 million people over the age of 70, including health workers and patients with chronic diseases.

“Over time, vaccines will have a major impact, and we encourage everyone to be vaccinated when they receive the offer. However, whether or not they are vaccinated – it is important that everyone stays alert and follows the guidelines,” the official stressed.

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The phased restructuring plan announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday did not anticipate the total deregulation until the end of June.

“We should not be under any illusions: transfer rates, hospital pressures and deaths are still very high,” the Health Ministry report warned, warning health workers “thanks for their tremendous effort, skill and professionalism.”

As of Thursday, the country had registered 122,070 Deaths confirmed by Govt-19 (323 more than in the last 24 hours).

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