The United Kingdom promises to impose difficulties in creating the European Super League

The United Kingdom promises to impose difficulties in creating the European Super League

The UK government has taken a strong stance against the formation of the Super League, as announced last Sunday (18) by Europe’s top 12 clubs. Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sports Oliver Dowden has promised to work to stop the project from progressing.

“There is no doubt that we will act. We will put everything on the table to prevent this from happening,” Dowden, who met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and threatened the six English teams involved in the project with new lines.

“We are exploring all possibilities, such as reforms in competition laws and changes in the way football coaching is done. Simply put, we will review everything the government does to get these teams to enter the field,” he said.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham are among the announced members of Superlica who will organize the clash between the UK representatives, the multi-billion dollar football league and major Europeans. Complete Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, Milan and Bayern.

The movement generated a strong reaction from organizations such as FIFA, which organizes world football, and UEFA, which is responsible for sports management on the European continent. The new competition will have a huge impact on the distribution of power and money in the game.

“We will do what is necessary to protect our game,” the British sports secretary said. “In short, we are looking at everything we can do to make the work of these clubs easier, and we’ll see if we can continue to provide this because I do not think the government should support this plan,” Dowden concluded.

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Politician Premier League, the league that organizes the English Championship and the English Federation FA. He warned that police guidelines on matches and visas for players would be reconsidered.

Boris Johnson had already expressed his displeasure. According to the Prime Minister, “Plans for a European Super League will have a huge impact on football, will strike at the heart of the national game and will be of concern to fans coming from all over the country.”

This did not surprise the group behind the opposition Super League. In announcing the plans, supporters of the idea said they had taken legal action to avoid restrictions imposed on their project.

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