The United Kingdom is tightening the rules for entry into the country with sanctions, including prison

  • In addition to the negative PCR performed 72 hours prior to travel to the country, two more tests will be performed during mandatory 10-day isolation.

  • All positive tests will be subjected to genetic analysis to find out if this is a new variant

Travel UK It is increasingly difficult, expensive and complicated. The British government has again stepped up operations Boundaries To prevent coming New strains of corona virus, Even threatening to imprison those who try to break the new rules. As announced by the Minister of Health on Tuesday, Matt Hancock, From next Monday, until PCR negative for all international passengers carried 72 hours prior to departure, others will be added Two identical trials during mandatory 10-day isolation. The first should be done after the second day and the second day after the eighth. All positive tests to detect the presence of a new variant will be subjected to genetic analysis and the isolation period will be resumed from the beginning of the isolation.

British or Irish residents from a list 33 countries are considered high risk (Africa, Latin America and most of Portugal) will be isolated in a hotel under surveillance for 10 days. To now There are 4,600 rooms in 16 hotels. According to the government. Scotland Goes further. Intervention applies to hotel premises Without distinction All passengers, Wherever they come from. Accommodation to be paid in advance out of pocket is 1, 1,500 (Almost 2,000 euros). The rate, in addition to accommodation and food, included two PCR tests. Rooms must be booked before boarding the flight on the official website, which will be operational from Thursday.

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Fines and imprisonment

Sanctions are also considerably tougher. Good equals 1.125 euros Who will not take the test upon arrival, 2,300 euros If you do not do a second, your 10 day loneliness will be extended to four more days. Those who are forced to stay in hotels that avoid isolation will be fined 5,700 and 11,400 euros. They themselves a Imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years That They come from a high-risk country and do not communicate.

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