The United Kingdom is planning a third booster dose in the face of Govt’s new variants

The United Kingdom is planning a third booster dose in the face of Govt’s new variants
  • The country has already provided at least one first drug to more than 29 million people

The UK Plans to start delivering September a Third dose From Vaccine They strengthen the immune system if extended against Govt-19 New types According to Secretary of State for Vaccine Nadim Zahawi, the corona virus. In an interview with The Telegraph, a senior British government official pointed out For over 70 years And this Health workers That extra needle will be a priority in the first line.

Jahavi is responsible for overseeing the vaccination program, which has already administered at least one first dose. More than 29 million people. In the United Kingdom, arrangements so far Astrogeneca and Pfizer, But in the fall the Secretary of State promises that he believes Up to eight products Approved.

The British government is already maintaining contacts with these two pharmaceutical companies as well Modern, Once the third booster dose is delivered, its vaccine is expected to be available next month. “However the virus works, Let’s be ready“, Jahavi has promised.


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The UK will expand slowly this Monday Restrictions That the government ordered In early January To stop the wave of infections, which occurred at its peak More than 1,800 deaths daily. In the past seven days, the average number of deaths from the corona virus has dropped to 70, and the number of admitted patients has dropped to less than 5,000, up from nearly 40,000 in January.

Starting next week, Community meetings Up to six people who own two houses abroad, will reopen Sports facilities Exterior. However, that Essential trades, Which will reopen on April 12 (bars and restaurants will be able to serve on terraces from that date) and National or international travel For leisure reasons. The government has advanced that it will allow stores to remain open until ten o’clock at night when they resume their operations, three hours longer than the deadline before the outbreak.

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