The United Kingdom is looking for a person with a variant of the Brazilian Govt

The UK is trying to find someone infected with the Brazilian variant of the corona virus, which officials say may be resistant to the vaccine.

Found Six cases of mutation have appeared in the Amazon city of Manaus, The Public Health UK (PHE) said on Sunday. Yes OK Five have been found, and the identity of the sixth patient is not yet known because he did not complete a test registration card, leaving health officials without the necessary information to locate him.

British Vaccine Minister Nadeem Zahawi visited radio and television studios on Monday morning Call anyone who has received the Govt-19 test on February 12 or 13 and has yet to contact the National Health Service (NHS).. He told Times Radio that authorities were working with the mail system to try to identify the patient.

The arrival of diversity in the United Kingdom raises criticisms against the government for its isolated policyIt was finally released on February 15, several weeks after scientists said they needed blanket controls. Currently, People from 33 countries and territories, including Brazil, must make compulsory hotel isolation, while travelers from other places must do so at home.S.

The last “variation Listed as ‘Anxious’ because it shares some important mutations with the variant first identified in South Africa”Said PHE. “This variant is less responsive to existing vaccines, but more work is needed to understand this.”

Health officials will contact everyone Passengers aboard Swiss Air LX318 from Sao Paulo to London Heathrow Airport on 10 February Via Zurich To test them and their familiesPHE noted.

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Jahavi said trials were also underway in Clochestershire. Two cases were found, As a precautionary measure.

“There is minimal reason to believe they could spread further because they are properly isolated,” he told Sky News.

He supported the UK border policy, saying that even in Australia, which has a strict regime, the authorities have to catch up with differences.


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