The United Kingdom has pledged 340 million euros in aid to Afghanistan

The United Kingdom has pledged 340 million euros in aid to Afghanistan

The UK yesterday pledged a further 6 286 million (40 340 million) in emergency aid to Afghanistan ahead of a UN donor conference on Thursday.

Funds raised by the UK Government are aimed at improving access to food and medical care, basic services, access to health care and helping farmers cope with the effects of drought.

London has insisted that the money be sent through the UN and NGOs and not directly into the hands of the Taliban regime.

Thursday’s Donor Conference The UK is coordinating with the UN, Qatar and Germany to seek international support for humanitarian aid, protect women and girls, and support stability in the region.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace is expected to lead the task.

The UN wants to raise $ 4,400 million (€ 4,000 million), and estimates that humanitarian assistance is urgently needed for the survival of some 10 million children in Afghanistan.

“The UK will pave the way for awareness-raising and life-saving food, shelter and medical supplies for the countries that support the people of Afghanistan. Together with our allies and partners, we will do more to help Afghanistan,” Foreign Minister Liz Truss said in a statement.

The UK has already provided 286 million (340 million) in aid to Afghanistan in fiscal 2021-22, more than double what was initially planned.

Since the Taliban came to power last August, and with the end of international aid representing 75% of Afghanistan’s budget, the country has plunged into a deep financial crisis, exacerbating the already devastating humanitarian situation after four decades of conflict and recent droughts. .

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On Tuesday, the head of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Achim Steiner, warned that if the Taliban delayed the reopening of high schools for girls in the country, the international community’s assistance would be sent to other humanitarian crises around the world. .

The international community has blocked the right to education for all in the negotiations for support and recognition of Islamic fundamentalist rule.

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