The United Kingdom has announced its second aircraft carrier – Cavok Brasil

The United Kingdom has announced its second aircraft carrier - Cavok Brasil

Two new aircraft carriers are now ready in the UK after it was announced that the HMS Prince of Wales is fully operational.

The ship reached the milestone during the major international training Joint Warrior, completing two years of training.

Full operational capability will allow HMS Prince of Wales to join its sister ship HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is currently launching the second half of its inaugural division commanding an international carrier strike team in the Pacific.

“We overcame the final hurdle with enthusiasm and are now ready for a full-scale offensive carrier with 30 days notice of operations around the world,” said HMS Prince Commanding Commander, Captain Steve Hickam.

“This is a significant moment for the ship that we see working with warplanes, helicopters, drones and other ships.

“The entire Prince of Wales team is grateful for the support of our Princes, our families and our friends, and we hope they will continue to follow us in the first rank.”

Senior Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander David Thompson added: “The HMS Prince of Wales is in operational readiness for a challenging but successful voyage.

The final step in building the new aircraft carrier is to take part in the largest military exercise in the UK this fall.

Thousands of military personnel from a dozen countries took part in a joint UK / NATO Joint Warrior / Dynamic Mariner exercise, which ended on September 30, to test their capabilities individually and collectively to handle global events.

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More than 20 warships and submarines, as well as maritime patrol planes, helicopters and thousands of military personnel from a dozen countries are taking part in the combined fifteen-day exercise.

Ten Royal Navy ships, as well as components of four Air Fleet Forces (superior transport and submarine Merlins, Hawks Jets and Wild Gates surface helicopters departing Cornwall for Scotland), Command 3 Brigade Marines and his paratroopers’ artillery.

In addition to actively verifying HMS Prince Wales, the Joint Warrior was used to transform the Royal Marines into a future Force Commando, capable of dispatching strike troops quickly when needed.

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