The United Kingdom and Ireland must withdraw from the bid to host the 2030 World Cup Scoreboard

The United Kingdom and Ireland must withdraw from the bid to host the 2030 World Cup  Scoreboard

The United Kingdom and Ireland are considering withdrawing their candidacy from the organization World Cup 2030. This Thursday, the 6th, according to information published by the British newspaper DefenderNeighboring nations need to focus on hosting Euro 2028 as competition for the World Cup proves to be very strong, including another joint European initiative by Portugal and Spain.

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This idea of ​​a joint venture was strongly encouraged by the football federations and will be implemented for the second time (the first was at the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan) at the 2026 World Cup. In the United States, Mexico and Canada. Yet the same must happen in the historic centennial edition in which Argentina and Uruguay are candidates. The amazing potential of Italy and Saudi Arabia.

The Football Association (FA), the governing body of football in the UK, is leading a feasibility study for the bid for the World Cup, which will receive 2. 2.8 million in funding from the UK government. . Studies are still ongoing, but the association sees the candidacy as impossible.

Another issue that has brought uncertainty to the Scottish Football Association (SFA), the governing body of football in Scotland, is that the government’s proposal to renovate Hampton Park in Glasgow has not been successful. The United Kingdom, which has invested $ 50 million in 2021, is committed to investing its nomination for the 2030 Cup candidate in Union football in 2019 as part of the Conservative Party’s government program.

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Accepting the nomination for Euro 2028 is a very attractive and viable option for British football associations because there is already a good relationship between the British football leadership and UIFA, especially the chairman of the organization Alexander Seferin, argued. London after what happened in the Euro 2020 final. In addition, the UEFA has already announced the idea of ​​increasing the number of teams in the tournament from 24 to 32, which is not yet an approved plan, but if it does, the four nations of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Ireland will be the best in sports distribution, organization and event. Would be a great alternative to help with the system.

The deadline for the United Kingdom and Ireland to submit or not submit a proposal for hosting the 2030 World Cup is March 31, 2022, the date of the FIFA Congress. For the time being, the official position of the committee conducting this study will continue with the nomination.

FIFA establishes that there is a “cycle” of at least two editions so that the event can return to one continent, with Europe appearing as the most pointed continent because the last edition was in Russia in 2018 and the next will be in Asia (Qatar) and the United States (Canada, Mexico and the United States). In 1930, the first World Cup was held in Uruguay, however, which could open a gap and give the South American candidacy an “impact” advantage.

Suarez and Messi promote Argentina and Uruguay’s candidacy to co-host Centennial Cup Santro Pereira / Focus features
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