The United Kingdom and Germany are skeptical about the tourism campaign

The minimal recovery of tourism activities that airlines and hotels expect for this Easter is in the air. The governments of Germany and the United Kingdom, the two main emitters visiting Spain, have tightened controls on the movement in the face of a serious epidemic.

Reservations from Germany and Switzerland to the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community and the Canary Islands have increased in recent days, with the increase in demand that many airlines have tried to make a profit by opening new flights that have at least given hope to a tourism sector. The governments of Germany and the United Kingdom are now trying to prevent their citizens from traveling abroad, fearing that the epidemic will get out of control. The British executive has chosen the difficult route and plans to impose a fine of 5,000 5,000 (, 5,800) on anyone who tries to travel for pleasure outside the islands, without strength, from next Monday. It has also commissioned a study on the impact of international travel on the emergence of new Govt strains and the effectiveness of vaccines. Based on its results, the UK revised the date allowed for tourists to leave the country, originally set for May 17th.

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Celeste Lopez (Madrid), Maria-Boss Lopez (Berlin), Eusebio Wall (Paris), Anna Buzz (Rome)

In the case of Germany, all governments are required to provide a negative PCR test for the corona virus when coming to the country from anywhere in the world, even if it is not considered a risky part, as determined by the federal government and 16 lenders (federal states). German officials will ask airlines if passengers and crew have a check before boarding the plane again. This issue is most relevant to Mallorca, where Germans are already on vacation.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of 16 Lender (federal states) concluded that “new types of coyotes could easily spread as tourists from many countries are expected to adapt to popular holiday destinations” and airlines should take drastic measures to test flights returning to Germany.

The majority of Spaniards do not go out

Domestic tourism does not seem to be giving a boost to the tourism industry this Easter either. The latest barometer “Consumption and purchase inside and outside the home after Govit-19”, conducted in conjunction with Echo Shopperview 40 DB, indicates that 61% of people do not plan to go on vacation next holiday and choose to stay in your familiar home. Of these, 74% are afraid of the virus and will do so to avoid infections, while 26% will not move to reduce costs. On the other hand, 22% of those surveyed confirm that it will be out for a few days until restrictions allow. 39% stay in their second home, 27% spend the holidays in hotels, and 23% go to rural homes, apartments or camps.

This decision of the German government has once again created uncertainty in the Balearic Islands, pending the certainty of what the specific requirements will be. Tourists must have a negative PCR to enter the islands, and if they are no longer asked to return to another place in Germany, the cost of vacations becomes significantly higher, and this encourages movement, especially on short trips.

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French tourists at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

In the Balearic government they did not see with good eyes the expansion of this movement with Germany, Model Economic i Tourism Minister Ico Neguerula admitted yesterday that the executive of Francina Armengol was not comfortable with the arrival of tourists because his aim was to save the season from May. With the recent results of Germany and the United Kingdom, one motive is not clear.

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