The United Kingdom, along with Ireland, has announced its application for the 2030 World Cup: List of Candidates

The World Cup has only been held once in England, the birthplace of football (AFP)

Next year Qatar Will host last FIFA World Cup Under the current format from the next edition, 48 qualified players will be selected, 16 more than at present, with the first phase teams being three teams each, with one ticket to the second round. In this context, the head of the body that manages football across the planet, Gianni Infantino, Has encouraged applicants to hold the event to join many countries to purchase such investment. That’s how it is In 2026 it will be the turn of the United States, Mexico and Canada A clear picture is already beginning to emerge by 2030.

This Tuesday, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He wrote on his Twitter account: “We are very excited to bring football home in 2030.” I think this is the right place. This is the home of football, the time is right. It will be an absolutely wonderful one for the country. “

British site The sun English Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, It will announce $ 2.8 million (US $ 9 million) in its budget on Wednesday to boost the UK and Ireland bid for the 2030 World Cup.. England hosted the tournament before 1966, the only time they had won the trophy, and they lost the 2006 edition to Germany and the 2018 final to Russia.

“We want to do more to improve the game after an epidemic and see a football bonus over the years,” Johnson wrote.

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The Football Association (FA) Welcomed the arrival of government money to support a concession. “We joined @scottishfa, @FAWales, ficOfficialIrishFA and AIFAIreland in welcoming the government’s offer of $ 2.8 million for a potential offer for the FFIFAWorldCup. 2030.

Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay host the 2030 World Cup

Johnson’s Irish opponent, Michael Martin, was equally enthusiastic about the idea, speaking to reporters in Dublin: “This is very exciting news, very interesting.” The whole idea of ​​Ireland as a venue for important events was one that successive governments had. ”

In this way, UK e Ireland Compete ahead, apply Spain Y Portugal, Countries that can be added Morocco, And the firm plan of the South American Football Federation (Conmepol). The organization has set up a headquarters in conjunction with the 100-year-old execution of the 2030 World Cup in Uruguay. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In turn, there are other projects that have not yet been formalized as negotiations continue. North Korea, South Korea, China and Japan Let’s come together to host the trophy they claim Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Serbia. On the other hand, Morocco Negotiates on two fronts, because if its union with the Iberian countries is not functioning, it may present itself together. Algeria Y Tunisia.

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