The United Arab Emirates is set to invest $ 12 billion in the UK

The United Arab Emirates is set to invest $ 12 billion in the UK

This amount completes the investment partnership between the two countries, which began in March, with an initial commitment of 800 800 million (8 928 million) from Mubadala and 200 200 million (4 234 million) from the United Kingdom.

“The UAE is making an investment of 10 10 billion (approximately 7 11.7 billion),” Mubadala said in a statement, adding that the commitment, as before, was for five years.

Technology, infrastructure, science and renewable energy sectors are “considered to be the key sectors that will underpin the economic growth of the two countries,” the statement said.

Mubadala is one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, investing in various sectors around the world. In France, it invested in Lac d’Argent funds to support the capital of large corporations.

The announcement coincides with the arrival in London of Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The future “.

“Such ambitious alliances are at the heart of the government’s strategy to be a leading global force in science and technology, to drive full investment and sustain the entire UK and create more valuable jobs,” Johnson said in a statement.

Additional investments include an investment of 500 500 million (€ 585 million), as part of City Fiber’s capital increase, installing fiber to bring fast internet to eight million homes and creating 10,000 jobs.

Next month, the UK will host the World Investment Summit in London, bringing together large investors to support the UK plan for the Green Industrial Revolution and promote the development of clean technologies.

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