Unimed presents the facade of the General Hospital of Marechal Rondon – Present

Unimed presents the facade of the General Hospital of Marechal Rondon - Present

Unimed Costa Oeste presented, on Monday (12), the facade of the Unimed General Hospital (HGU), to be built in Marechal Cândido Rondon.

“The cooperative, more than just a conceptual and functional structure, wants to express in every detail of the new project the excellent standards in service and service that place Unimed Costa Oeste among the top-rated cooperatives in Brazil,” stated the project front presentation letter.

HGU in Marechal Rondon will occupy an area of ​​5.1 thousand square meters, with 30 beds, operating rooms and emergency care. The services will be of low to medium complexity. In addition, the hospital will have an outpatient clinic and a dedicated occupational health area.

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Since Unimed has a hospital in Toledo that is equipped with Intensive Care Units (ICUs), initially there will be no ICU in Marechal Rondon. However, the Medical Cooperative will have a mobile intensive care unit available to transport patients to the city of Toledo.

The hospital can be expanded up to five times the expected initial size, if there is demand, and also there can be ICU beds depending on the flow of patients.


HGU is part of a health complex that will cover an area of ​​20 thousand square meters. The complex is located along Avenida Oreo by Jacob Welbe, near the Ring Road. With an investment of more than R$90 million, the project will contain a pharmacy, a hotel apartment, a restaurant, a convenience store, a cafeteria, a bank branch, a seven-storey building with medical clinics, a clinical analysis laboratory, and a health clinic. Vaccine in addition to an imaging center (CT, MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy).

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The car park of the complex will accommodate 215 vehicles, while the hospital car park is designed for 80 cars.

The health complex that will house the Unimed Costa Oeste Hospital will be built by Blume Administradora de Bens.


With the project, Unimed Costa Oeste expects a significant increase in the number of beneficiaries, according to President Hiroshi Nishitani, on the occasion of the ceremony that saw the signing of the letter of inaction on the hospital installation, which took place in July. 9, in Marshal Rondon. “We designed this hospital not for the number of beneficiaries we have today, which between Marechal Rondón and the region is about ten thousand. We are designing the hospital for at least 20,000 beneficiaries. In this way, we hope that not only residents, but also the business community in Rondônia, will embrace this idea, because Our goal is to provide health, well-being and technology,” he explained at the time.

Facade design: conceptual and functional architecture

Unimed General Hospital in Marechal Rondon will occupy an area of ​​5.1 thousand square meters (Images: disclosure)

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