The UK’s ambassador-news agency says Matteo Grosso’s satellite tracking system is interesting

The UK's ambassador-news agency says Matteo Grosso's satellite tracking system is interesting

Peter Wilson, the UK’s ambassador to Brazil, described the satellite surveillance system used by Matteo Grosso to prevent and combat illegal deforestation and wildfires as “impressive” when a delegation of ambassadors visited the headquarters of the Environment Secretariat (SEMA-MT) this Monday afternoon (08.06).

“Today I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes a system that works very well and accurately, and I also saw operators using this information to contact landowners to prevent illegal deforestation. The verification process is very interesting,” the ambassador said.

With deforestation alerts, the site allows real-time monitoring of the entire Mato Cross area. In addition, to stop deforestation early, criminals will be notified by email and phone, and teams are sent directly to the site to prevent the progress of environmental crimes. The tool is funded by the REM MT project.

At the event, Secretary of State for Environment Maureen Lazaretti, Ambassadors Todd C. Chapman (USA), Haiko Thomas (Germany), Peter Wilson (United Kingdom) and Ignacio Yapanes Rubio (EU) Total for use of environmental regulation and rural environmental record as a strategy to protect the environment.

The fight against environmental crimes was also demonstrated by an action plan to combat illegal deforestation and wildfires 2021, which forecast $ 73 million in investments this year.

“Matteo Grosso has a strong public environmental policy, which we consider to be an example of how to adjust the production and protection of natural resources, a strong strategy to combat environmental crimes and at the same time adhere to Brazilian regulations,” says the manager.

Fighting environmental crimes in Mato Grosso shows that criminals are not to blame. “We have started another phase of Operation Amazonia and we have put 100 servers on the field, seizing machines to remove criminals and fining those who insist on promoting illegal deforestation. Mato Grosso’s goal is to eradicate illegal deforestation,” he says.

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The coordinator of the REM MT project, Legia Ventramin, supported the environmental protection initiatives and presented to the authorities investments and projects that promote family farming of traditional and indigenous peoples and communities.

The role and initiatives of the bio-economy in Mato Grosso were presented by Rita Siletto, Consultant for International Relations, praising forest products such as fruits and essential oils, which contribute to conservation with a positive economic and social impact. Communities.

Fernando Sambayo, Managing Director, Producer Protection and Content Strategy (PCI), demonstrated resource capture and a network of corporate partners who invest and collaborate to expand and enhance sustainable agricultural and forestry production performance, and contribute to the conservation of native plants and the low-carbon economy.

SEMA Executive Secretary Alex Mareka was also present; Environmental Management Assistant, Lucian Ferdinando Copetti; Environmental License and Aquatic Resources, Lillian Ferreira dos Santos; In formal management, Valdini Valerio da Silva, among the supervisors and coordinators of SEMA.

About the REM MT Project

The REM MT Project (REDD for Pioneers) is an award to the state of Mato Grosso for its results in reducing deforestation over the past 10 years. The international collaboration between the United Kingdom and the German government is donating resources to the project through BEIS and the German Development Bank (KfW), which will be involved in forest conservation efforts to reduce CO2 emissions on the planet. To this end, it directly benefits from initiatives that contribute to reducing deforestation, promoting low-carbon farming, and supporting indigenous peoples and traditional communities.

It is coordinated by the Mato Grosso State Government, through the State Secretariat for the Environment (SEMA), and financially managed by the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (FUNBIO).

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