The UK warns that its reputation could be jeopardized if vaccine exports are blocked

Van der Leyen has threatened to cancel exports due to AstraZeneca’s delay.

UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace The EU has warned this Sunday that the camp’s reputation could be severely tarnished if it is determined., As advised by the President of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen, Cancel vaccine exports The British government continues to prevent AstraZeneca injection from being manufactured in factories on the island from reaching the EU.

“I think this is the situation,” Wallace told Sky News. “It will have a huge impact on a business camp that prides itself on flying the flag of the law.. You are exposing yourself to damage to your reputation, “he added.

“Violation of these agreements Damaging relationships European union WorldwideWallace explained that its country has vaccinated half of its adult population, while less than one in 10 people in the EU has received at least one vaccine.

“It’s the opposite,” the minister continued The only thing we know about vaccine production and production is cooperation. How the vaccine is manufactured is not only in Europe, but also in places like India and abroad. ”

“If we start removing it, if the commission starts doing that, I think They will not only undermine the opportunities for adequate vaccination program for their citizens, but also undermine many countries A world that is damaging the reputation of the European Union. I think it’s very difficult for them to change in the short term, “he concluded.

Opposition Labor Minister Lisa Nandi has also called on the EU to reduce its verbal fighting. “I urge the European Commission to work together to calm the language, cool the rhetoric and work together to tackle this crisis,” he told the BBC’s Andrew Marr program.

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