The UK says the Russian Air Force is performing less than expected

The UK says the Russian Air Force is performing less than expected

Oh The UK Ministry of Defense has released the latest update on ground fighting already provided by secret services. “Russian tactical air and ground operations focused on the central section of the Donbass over the weekend,” it notes.

“The Russian Air Force has not performed well in the conflict to date. update.

This is because the Russian Air Force “has not been able to gain full air superiority and is operating in a dangerous manner, seldom penetrating deeply behind the Ukrainian border.” According to the UK, “some of the main reasons for its difficulties are echoes of Russian ground forces”, the document added.

This is because, according to British intelligence, over the past few years, “most of the Russian air combat training may have been well-planned and designed to attract senior officers, rather than” developing an energetic initiative among the air forces “.

“While Russia has an impressive list of relatively modern and efficient fighter jets, the Air Force has failed to develop the organizational culture and capabilities needed for its personnel,” the British Defense Ministry said in a statement.

It “left more load on the ground than planned, they are running out; and for advanced ship missiles, their reserves are running out.”

In the early hours of February 24, Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine, which was condemned by large sections of the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia.

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