The UK replaces Erasmus + with the Touring program

  • In the Brexit talks they chose not to be a party to the EU movement plan

Universities and colleges in the United Kingdom can apply from this Friday “Global” Touring Student Transfer Program, According to the EFE, the British government is replacing the European Erasmus +.

Named after English mathematician Alan Turing, the project has a budget of மில்லியன் 110 million (128 128 million) for the next academic year and Facilitate 35,000 transactions As of September, the Ministry of Education had progressed in a statement. “Unlike EU-centric Erasmus +, Turing is a truly global project, and Any country in the world He is a candidate for collaboration with British Universities, Schools and Vocational Training Centers, “the statement said.

By leaving the EU camp, the United Kingdom was exempted from the general conditions of Erasmus +, and in talks on Brexit London Chose not to participate in the show as a partner country, Which will continue to be funded in the European Budget 2021-2027. Explaining the reasons for leaving the show, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that attending Erasmus + in December was “too expensive”.

With the new Touring, London will “help students of all walks of life from across the country to enjoy educational opportunities in any country of their choice,” Johnson said today. The Touring Scholarship underlines the Ministry of Education as “providing students with benefits not previously received under the previous Erasmus + program”.

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Low-income people Will receive a maximum of 0 490 per month They have to pay for living abroad (about 573 euros), compared to the maximum of 540 euros they can get with Erasmus +. They will also select funds to pay for their travel, visas, insurance and other necessary documents, as well as the European program unthinkable benefits for British students. “This is a decisive step in fulfilling our promise to build a truly global, equal opportunity UK, to strengthen our connections around the world and to provide students with the tools they need to succeed,” said Gavin Williamson, Head of Education.

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The Minister urged the education centers from all corners of the country to join the scheme and start the process of concluding exchange agreements with institutions in other countries. “The program focuses on providing social movement and value for money. It will open up new opportunities for international education and travel for all students, especially those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds and those with fewer options to benefit from. The previous EU program,” Williamson added.

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