The UK refuses to reduce the vaccine shortage campaign

The UK refuses to reduce the vaccine shortage campaign

The 1.7 million dose was delayed last week due to the need for additional safety testing.

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The British Government Insisted that it was announced Thursday Reduction in the supply of Govt vaccines In April Its massive vaccine campaign will not stop, As well as the progressive relaxation of imprisonment imposed from the beginning of the year.

We hope there will be some distribution issues in the coming weeks, but there is no reason to worry, “Local Government Minister Robert Genrick told the private channel Sky News.

We are still on track to achieve our goals of giving the first dose to everyone over the age of 50 in mid-April and to all adults by the end of July, underscoring that the deconfiguration schedule will not be affected by the temporary problem. “” Presentation.

In a letter leaked to the media on Wednesday by the UK Public Health Service “Significant reduction” warned vaccination centers Weekly products for one month from March 29th, without explaining the reasons or the manufacturers involved.

Ahead of Parliament, Health Minister Matt Hankok attributed the reduction to the “delayed arrival” of vaccines manufactured in India by the Serum Company, without mentioning the figures.

He explained that too The 1.7 million dose was delayed last week due to the need for additional safety testing.

According to the British press, the problem is due to the company’s delay in delivering the 5 million doses of serum produced for the British laboratory AstraZeneca.

The UK was given a dose of five million a few weeks ago and we will try to provide more depending on the current situation and the needs of the government’s immunization program in India, ”explained a spokesman for Serum in India.

– Supplies from Pfizer and Moderna –

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AstraZeneca released a short statement in which it avoided mentioning its international distribution chain: “Our domestic supply chain in the UK has not encountered any disruptions and has no impact on our distribution schedule,” he said.

The United Kingdom has already delivered the first dose to 25.2 million people, with half of its adults using the Astrogenega / Oxford and Pfizer / Bioendech vaccines for its massive campaign.

Pfizer, contacted by AFP, assured that its vaccine supply to the United Kingdom was progressing “as planned” in the first quarter.

Our overall forecast supply for the second quarter remains unchanged and we are on track to continue to supply vaccines to the UK from April to June as per our contract commitment, ”he said.

Hancock has announced that the third vaccine approved by the British regulator, the American laboratory Moderna, will arrive in the UK “in the next few weeks”.

The worst-hit country in Europe, with 126,000 deaths, the United Kingdom closed all essential stores on December 20 and strengthened the decision not to reopen schools after the Christmas holidays.

On March 8, students began returning to classrooms, beginning a more progressive easing of restrictions that should not be completed until the end of June.

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