The UK records nearly 11,000 cases when the initial vaccination target is met

Madrid, 14 Feb. (Europa Press) –

This Sunday the United Kingdom recorded nearly 11,000 new corona virus cases and nearly 260 deaths in a single day, when officials confirmed that the country had reached its first initial vaccination target: 15 million vaccines by the middle of the month.

In particular, the Ministry of Health recorded 10,972 cases and 258 deaths in the last 24 hours, compared with 13,308 cases and 621 deaths the previous day, partly downward figures as weekend trials are declining.

In particular, the United Kingdom has already accumulated 4,038,708 infections and 117,166 deaths due to the disease.

However, the COVID-19 breeding number in the UK has dropped below 1 for the first time since July. The British press reports that the index now stands at 0.7 to 0.9, indicating how many infections an infected person can cause.

On the other hand, according to data provided by the British Ministry of Health, 1,715 people need hospital admission due to the disease. So far, 23,341 people have been hospitalized in the European country with the disease, and 2,943 with mechanical respiration.

In the vaccination category, a total of 15,062,189 people received the first dose of the vaccine. Of these, 537,715 came in second, described by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as “an important milestone” and an “extraordinary achievement”.

Nadeem Jahawi, head of the vaccination campaign, congratulated his team after learning that the figure had been reached, which is considered the British government’s first real victory in the fight against the disease.

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