The UK plans to generate 86 gigawatts of marine wind power

The UK plans to generate 86 gigawatts of marine wind power

According to a study by RenewableUK, the total pipeline for UK coastal wind projects now stands at 86 GW, eight times the country’s current operating capacity. The UK currently has 10.5 gigawatts in operation and has a pipeline of projects under construction, licensed, planned or under development, which could lead to an additional 76 gigawatts.

According to the report, projects have increased by 60% in the last 12 months, driven by massive announcements of leasing rounds by The Crown Estate (8GW) and Crown Estate Scotland (25GW).

In Europe, other countries are also trying to accelerate investment. Norway has recently defined two remote sea locations that could be used to expand the country’s capacity and export energy. Germany has begun efforts to further define maritime areas, while the government in the Netherlands has defined additional zones, which will double capacity by the end of this decade.



RenewableUK’s latest EnergyPulse report shows that global global ocean air production has reached 517 GW. China currently has the largest full operational capacity with 24 GW following a major increase in 2021. The UK currently ranks second in its installed capacity, but has a larger total pipeline of 86 GW compared to China’s reported plans for 75 GW. The United States ranks third with 48 GW in its pipeline.

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