The UK operator could be carbon neutral by 2045

The UK operator could be carbon neutral by 2045

The total Co-Ahead UK Navy owns a total of 5,000 buses and will be converted to zero carbon vehicles by 2045.

The company achieved a 75% reduction in emissions through a strategy to guide the transportation sector. Everything indicates that by 2035 the company will be completely carbon neutral. The UK ‘on-grid’ bus force will be Northumberland Park, London’s largest tram depot.

Through the combination of investment, demanding and ambitious goals were born, all of which were to combat waste and increase recycling and recycling of materials. Co-Ahead will result in a complete transition from diesel technology to zero carbon transportation systems, including electricity and hydrogen. Check out some of them:

Transform the entire Co-Ahead fleet of 5,000 buses into zero-emission vehicles by 2035

Carbonized Rail Navy in 2035

Improve air quality by 2025 with a 17% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions, a 49% reduction in hydrocarbons and a 63% reduction in nitrogen oxides.

Leak repair will reduce water use by 25% by 2025, and with responsible management in all activities.

By 2035 all G-AHT facilities will have improved energy performance

Since 2016, the UK company has been achieving positive results such as reducing emissions by 22%, even with the expansion of the business.

(Source: Standard bus)

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