The UK issues restrictions on non-essential trade, but closes borders

The UK issues restrictions on non-essential trade, but closes borders

From Monday, April 12, the non-essential trade will reopen its doors United Kingdom, As announced by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

At a press conference, Johnson released Reopening bars, hairdressers, gyms and other places They were still under control.

Now the International travel ban Until the situation is re-analyzed to make a decision, it is still in view of what happens next. This is because, in the opinion of experts, open boundaries can lead to third wave infections.

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To date, the United Kingdom already exists At least 31 million citizens received the first dose COVID-19 vaccine.

UK Health Adviser Chris Witty cites Chile as a role model on the issue of vaccines How a major vaccination process does not lead to infection.

“Chile is a prime example, Israel is another. They are two countries that have carried out an extensive vaccination campaign. The same effect does not yet existWhitey said.

He added, “The assumption is that if you vaccinate many people, the problem will go away Chile is a good fix“.

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