The UK is threatening to cut off gas to Europe

The British could not maintain supplies in the winter.

The British government intends to cut off gas supplies to Europe if the crisis with Russia escalates. Cooperation with the countries of the continent is threatened because the UK can not support itself when winter comes. This information was published by the British newspaper Financial Times.

The potential cut strengthens suspicions about sanctions against Russia. The European Union plans to reduce Russian gas imports, but alternatives are increasingly scarce and scarce. Many countries pay in rubles for Russia’s product, importing it through other countries as the country wishes, or by maneuvering.

In addition to gas, fuels such as diesel coming to Europe are also produced from Russian oil in countries such as India, which has increased purchases from Russia.

If the Russian gas crisis worsens, the British plan to put off an emergency plan, such as cutting off supplies to Europe and blocking pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium. In the event of a major shortage of supply and pressure loss in the gas system, suspension of supply is part of the fourth step of the emergency plan.

At the same time, Bart Ian Hovers, head of transmission system operators in the European network, said that most countries’ emergency protocols were not adequate to deal with the geopolitical crisis because they were “designed to deal with the short term.” Suspensions “.

According to Financial TimesThe two submarines connecting Belgium and the Netherlands to the UK have been operating at full capacity since March, exporting 75 million cubic meters of gas per day to the mainland.

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