The UK is providing basic training to future Ukrainian F-16 pilots

The UK is providing basic training to future Ukrainian F-16 pilots
A Ukrainian pilot on his way to a Kroop Tutor flight – Image: Royal Air Force

The United Kingdom has begun providing basic training to Ukrainian fighter pilots as part of its contribution to the International Alliance for Ukrainian Air Forces Capability. The first class of Ukrainian pilots are currently receiving instruction from the Royal Air Force (RAF), which includes both flight training and English language classes, the British Ministry of Defense said.

The project, which began in August, aims to strengthen Ukraine's aviation capabilities through cooperation with allies and partners. The RAF led the exercise, which would mark a significant milestone in the joint effort to equip Ukraine with a modern air force, focused on the fourth-generation F-16 fighter jet.

As reported Aviation Line, the first phase of the program consisted of language and flight training in the United Kingdom, followed by an additional phase in Denmark, where Ukrainian pilots learn to fly F-16 fighter jets. Six combat-experienced Ukrainian pilots were selected to receive specific training in the English language, thereby improving their ability to participate in coalition training and support.

In addition, ten Ukrainian pilots participated in language training in the United Kingdom and remained in the country to continue basic practical flight training. The training covers essential topics such as flight medicine and high G-force endurance.

UK Defense Secretary Grant Shabbs highlighted the importance of this collaboration: “Together we will ensure that Ukraine has a modern air force in the future“. This development, along with RAF leadership, is a significant step forward in improving Ukrainian aviation capabilities inherited from the Soviet era.

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The training program is designed to provide training pilots with the knowledge necessary to advance to the next level of training with partner nations and to adopt NATO standard flying approaches. Grob Tutor aircraft practical classes, general handling procedures, instrument flying, medium and low altitude navigation and formation flying with experienced RAF instructors.

In addition to pilot training, dozens of Ukrainian aeronautical technicians are trained in English, with a specific focus on aeronautical engineering. After completing training with the RAF, pilots will receive advanced flying instruction overseen by Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States, heads of the Air Force Capability Alliance.

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