The UK is preparing a second inquiry into Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM

The deal between Nvidia and ARM is under intense pressure, with many officials looking at it. Now comes another case in point with a possible analysis of the business by UK authorities.

According to the agency ReutersUK officials to review Nvidia’s deal to buy ARM

This is the second phase of the investigation by the country’s authorities, which could take up to six months. At its conclusion, the authorities may terminate the contract, approve it as it is, or apply certain rules to be followed.

Authorities have not yet formalized the investigation, but the announcement could come in the next two weeks. Officials did not comment on the possible investigation, and Nvidia did not comment on the allegations, only alleging that the company was open to all existing licensing forms at ARM.

However, a second trial of the business will definitely put more pressure on the business, especially since the UK is not the only place where investigations are carried out.

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