The UK is lowering the alert level after the number of terrorist attacks in Europe fell

Madrid, 8 Feb. (Europa Press) –

UK officials said Monday that they had reduced the alert level for terrorist threats in the country as the number of such attacks in Europe had dropped.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced that the country now faces a “significant” threat from terrorist attacks, but has made it clear that the threat is no longer “serious”.

As Patel explained in a statement, although this probability is not higher than before, it indicates that there is still a chance of an attack.

He explained that this was due to “a significant reduction in possible attacks in Europe since they were recorded between September and November 2020”. “Terrorism is one of the most direct and immediate dangers facing British national security,” he said.

“Significant listing of risk indicates a high level of alert and the possibility of an attack. People should be vigilant and report any incident or observation to the police,” he suggested.

Alert for potential terrorist attacks is reviewed by UK intelligence every six months. The most recent attack was in June 2020, when a 26-year-old boy stabbed a group of people in a park. Three were killed and three were injured.

Although he was not charged with terrorism, the judges pointed out that it was “related to terrorism.”

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