The UK is lagging behind in cyber security as Portugal wins the European crown

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According to a new survey, Portugal has captured the crown of Europe’s safest country online, but the UK is in eighth place.

Cybersecurity firm ESET analyzed European countries based on a number of factors, including their commitment to security and their exposure sequence, with a low score indicating high exposure.

They also looked at the percentages of malware detected on devices over the past three years, social networks or email accounts hacked over the same period, and the percentage of victims of identity theft.

The highest scores for electronic security were 8.21 out of 10 in Portugal, followed by Lithuania and Slovakia (7.99 and 7.21, respectively), according to a study by ESET.

The result of England in the top ten, ranked 16th out of 24, may be the highlight with a score of 5.59.

At the other end of the spectrum, Romania is the worst country in Europe in terms of cyber security, with a score of 3.27 out of 10 and the lowest number of cybercrime laws in Europe – two.

Austria and France have joined Romania in the last three matches with scores of 3.80 and 4.36, respectively.

The UK had the lowest exposure rating in Europe, with a score of 5 – indicating a high number of exposures, or one country being vulnerable to cybercrime.

The highest level of cyber security commitment was recorded, with a score of 0.931 (1 in).

Jack Moore, ESET’s cybersecurity expert, said: “No one metric – the size of the law or the number of victims of bank fraud – can tell the whole story when it comes to cybersecurity.

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“Protecting citizens online is very complicated and there is no right way to do it.

“In practice, online security means different things to different people, so this is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ case.

However, it is important for countries to be aware of the activities taking place across Europe and to learn from each other as much as possible. A truly holistic approach to cyber security requires a wide range of knowledge about potential approaches, including how and when they work best. ”

He said it was disappointing that the UK had fallen so far on the European scale, but was happy to get a higher score for its commitment to cyber security.

Moore added: “With each new initiative, we are one step closer to providing a safer Internet for all.

“In the end, cybersecurity works best when we work together, whether between individuals or across countries.

“Because the Internet is global, no country can be responsible for online security. Recent events have shown us that cooperation and cooperation are more important than ever. ”

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