The UK is getting back to school for students this Monday

The UK is getting back to school for students this Monday

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UK students, backed by a strong diagnostic test program, are preparing to return to face-to-face classes on Monday after a two-month strike, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defined as a program. Country “approaches natural feeling.”

The reopening of schools is the first step in the British government’s plan to gradually ease the controls related to Govt-19 as the nationwide vaccination campaign progresses. The remaining restrictions will be lifted in June.

As part of the program, millions of high school and university students are returning to classrooms across the UK They will undergo diagnostic tests in the first few weeks. Authorities want to quickly identify and isolate asymptomatic cases to avoid sending entire schools home.

“We are careful in our approach not to lose everything we have done so far,” Johnson said in a statement, asking that all people who meet the conditions for vaccination should do so.

High schools and colleges will reopen in stages to allow for three rounds of diagnostic testing. Following that, students will receive kits so they can test twice more while they are at home. The British government has almost distributed 57 million rapid tests in schools across the countryBut there are concerns about the accuracy of the analyzes, which may force students to isolate themselves unnecessarily.

However, a public health official said on Sunday that the risk of a false positive was very low. When locked, more than 5 million rapid tests were carried out on schools, including one million last week, the government said.

Evidence from the test over the past eight weeks said “the risk of false positives is very low, less than one in a thousand.” Susan Hopkins, Director of Strategic Response against Govt-19 Public Health England, In statements BBC. “A test that gives a false positive of a thousand is a very good test.”

Authorities are considering extending school hours and reducing school hours to catch students who have been forced to take classes from home for months.Add extra time for summer or year.

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