The UK is exploring a new variant of the corona virus

The UK Department of Health reports that at least 16 cases of the new variant of the corona virus have been identified in the UK (PHE for its abbreviation in English)

Experts suspect that this variant, which is now under investigation, originated in the United Kingdom and has the E484K mutation present in new strains that have appeared in South Africa and Brazil.

In the case of the E484K mutation, studies show that it may inhibit the activity of antibodies and raise concerns about the potential impact on the effectiveness of vaccines.

Health officials said the cases were first diagnosed on Feb. 15, but those who tested positive and confirmed their contacts were isolated.

The UK now has eight categories on its watch list.

Meanwhile, health officials are constantly trying to find someone who came to the UK infected with a new variant of the corona virus identified in Brazil, but did not leave his data when the test was taken.

Also known as the P1 strain and the Manas variant, it is one of the types of corona virus that raises concerns about making the virus more capable of spreading.

The Manas variant was first detected when six cases were diagnosed in the UK last weekend.

Three of them are Scottish residents who have traveled from Brazil to Aberdeen via Paris and London, while two of those who have crossed the country belong to the same family and live in the South Clochestershire district of England.

A third case has also been identified in the UK.

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Andrew Howard, a member of the Scientific Advisory Council (Sage) for Emergencies, warned today that the community will have to live with a significant number of deaths as a result of the corona virus, but that more people will be vaccinated and it will return to normal.

Speaking to Times Radio, the scientist said he did not believe the new types of vaccines would completely eliminate immunity and that the mortality rate would be reduced.

For a scientist who is a professor of epidemiology at University College London, also known as UCL, one reason for so many deaths is that control measures were taken too late.

“By the time you start to see a huge increase in deaths, it is too late to take action, so the levels rose dramatically before we could take effective action, and it took a long, long time for them to go down again,” he explained. .

Meanwhile, 20,982,571 people have already been vaccinated in the UK, and 278,956 people received their first dose yesterday.

The British government has asked those who have already been vaccinated to respect community vaccination and health care rules, after a study found that 43% of people over the age of 80 have met someone outside their home.

41% admitted to doing so within three weeks of receiving their first dose, “explicitly violating isolated terms.”

The government yesterday reported a further 242 deaths related to the corona virus and 6,573 new cases in the previous 24 hours.

A total of 124,025 people have died in the UK since the outbreak began. (Télam)

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