The UK is examining the credibility of ‘Britcoin’

The UK is examining the credibility of 'Britcoin'

Money has played a fundamental role in society for centuries, but everything is changing, money is no exception. The future is digital and this week, the UK has taken a step in that direction, with the government asking the Bank of England to explore the potential of Britcoin: a British cryptocurrency that works in conjunction with traditional currency.

Hayden Jones, a cryptocurrency expert, explained to Euronews the difference between the two:

“Both will be verified by an asset insured by the Bank of England. Guaranteed by notes, securities, and guaranteed by a central bank tool for digital currencies. The difference is that we can do nothing with the digital version of note five. With the digital version we can add conditions to payments, for example. I can condition the fee and do anything in return. “

The British initiative is not unique. Last year the Bahamas became the first country to introduce its own cryptocurrency and six dozen central banks, including the European Central Bank, are currently reading the digital currency version, which will allow people to save money directly on your computers or mobile phones.

Bitcoin was a pioneer in this type of activity, and if it is true that many people have already made a fortune from this cryptocurrency, it is no less true that doubts will persist. In the case of national cryptocurrencies, with the worst factor.

Cryptocurrency expert Nick Carter warns, “There will be a bad situation like what is happening in China. Not clear. “

Despite the doubts, cryptocurrencies are sure to stay here. Money does not fall from the sky, but it can be born on a computer near you.

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