The UK is considering banning summer vacations abroad

Officially, it is planned that holidays abroad will not be allowed until May 17, but the move is likely to last until August.


To Holidays In Foreign “There will be so much Impossible“For most British Due to this burial summer Danger To import New types of Govit-19Saturday said a Science It advises the government Airlines Y Travel companies At another gate Losing season.

UK He has Prohibited To travel To Most Of Members When Current imprisonment That said Holidays In Foreign Not allowed until May 17 What Coming soon.

But scientist Mike Tildesley, who has a government advisory board, said the risk of importing anti-vaccine varieties into the UK would ruin the country’s annual trip.

I think international travel this summer is very sad for the average tourist, “Tildesley, an infectious disease modeling professor at the University of Warwick, told BBC Radio on Saturday.

Dilapidated sector

His warning is a further setback to the travel industry’s recovery prospects during the peak holiday season.

Airlines and holiday airlines such as British Airways (part of International Consolidated Airlines), EasyJet and TUI are eager to resume travel after a year of COVID-19 restrictions, despite difficult economic conditions.

Tildesley, a member of the Scientific Epidemiology Modeling Committee under the government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Emergencies (SAGE), said the types of overseas travel and imports could undermine the UK vaccination program.

I think we have a real risk if a lot of people start going abroad in July, August and August because of the potential to bring these new varieties into the country, ”Tildesley said.

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