Samsung confirms hacking and data theft in UK

Samsung confirms hacking and data theft in UK

South Korean manufacturer Samsung confirmed its servers had been accessed by cybercriminals for an entire year.

According to the website TechCrunchIt received a statement from an agency representing Samsung “Notified of a recent security incident” what This resulted in unauthorized access of customer’s personal data by attackers.

Personal information accessed From customers of Samsung’s UK digital store, without affecting other areas. However, the company It did not specify how many people were affected by the invasion How did cybercriminals access this data?

To date, no cybercrime group has claimed responsibility for the attack. British data protection authorities have already been contacted and are investigating the case.

Samsung invades the UK

According to an email the company sent to customers affected by the data theft, confirmation of the intrusion only happened this Monday (13).

The customer data breach only affected residents of the United Kingdom.Source: Getty Images/Reproduction

However, access to the company’s servers may have happened much earlier: the stolen information came from people who made purchases on the brand’s online platform in the United Kingdom. Between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

Includes information accessed Name, phone number, home address and email — For example, data that can be used for criminal activities in the name of victims or fraud against these individuals.

Financial data such as credit card details or passwords for accounts with potentially active payment methods is not affected. In 2022, Samsung confirmed a similar invasion based on leaked information, but affecting customers in the United States.

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