The UK has signed a multi-million dollar deal with an Abu Dhabi investor

LONDON, March 24 (EFE) .- The British government has signed a long-term investment agreement with Abu Dhabi-based investment firm Mubadala, according to a report by the Department of International Trade and the recently created Office of Investment (OfI) from the United Kingdom.

The multi-million dollar deal by the United Arab Emirates to invest in UK health, technology, clean energy and infrastructure will give British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a post-Brexit boost.

The report states that this is the first agreement of its kind for this country and the Office of Investment and will deepen the current trade and investor link between the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates worth 32 32,000 million (, 37,097 million) by 2019.

The so-called Sovereign Investment Alliance between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom ‘will be an integrated investment framework for fostering a future-centric relationship between the two countries, driving economic recovery, jobs and growth’.

Under the deal, there will be an initial commitment of மில்லியன் 800 million (7 927 million) from Mubadala to the so-called life sciences in five years.

OfI and Mubadala “will work together to identify commercially viable opportunities for investment in this sector.”

‘The UK generates $ 80 billion (. 92.7 billion) in revenue annually and employs more than 250,000 people, benefiting from life sciences research, education and the close ties between the UAE and the UK. The report said.

Over the next five years, investments will be made in a variety of technological and innovative sectors, such as energy transfer and infrastructure, to help create jobs in both countries, strengthen national research and develop skills in new areas.

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“The United Arab Emirates is an important trading partner for the UK and a place for some of the largest and most experienced investment firms,” ​​Liz Truss, Minister of International Trade, said in a statement.

The Tory policy stated that the agreement “represents the greatest success for the Office of Investment and shows that the United Kingdom is an investment destination”.

For his part, Kaltoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, Managing Director and CEO of Mubadalah, said in the same note that the United Arab Emirates and the country are committed to the importance of taking global action on key priorities such as health innovation, climate change and sustainable development. The most talented businesses’. EFE

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