The UK has agreed to give the EU until April 30 to ratify the post-Brexit agreement

  • The agreement was temporarily applied from January 1 last year and the deadline was set for February 28

  • The London government describes further disappointment that Brussels did not complete the process and warns that it will not accept further delays.

The United Kingdom on Tuesday agreed to the EU’s request for an adjournment from February 28 to April 30, the deadline for approving the post-Brexit negotiations with London. Give twenty-seven more time Comply with a comprehensive review of the legal text before it is finally approved by the Council and the European Parliament.

The deal was closed against the last Christmas clock, and the block gave its provisional approval to allow the provisional application until January 1, 2021. This was to avoid the confusion of a sudden break Capitals can finally give the green light by purchasing some time to translate the new agreement into all the official languages ​​of the European Union.

The full session of the European Parliament also demanded ample time Detailed study of conditions Prior to the approval of the contract, the first extension of approval was agreed until February 28th.

From there, various parliamentary committees reviewed and discussed the agreement and the MEPs They were ready to meet for an extraordinary full session at the end of this February Vote for your position on the Future Relations Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom. However, the European Commission last proposed at the beginning of the month to delay the deadline to April 30, so it was moved to London in a formal letter, which has received a response this Tuesday, British and European sources told EUROBA.

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The “unwilling” option

In a reply letter, Michael Cove, the ‘number two’ of the Boris Johnson government, stated that the UK would accept the extension requested by the Europeans until April 30. But make it clear that you will not accept further delays.

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Document by Maros Cefkovic, Vice President of the European Commission on Relations with the United Kingdom, emphasizes the need for a change of date This is not a “preferred” option for London This is because it only serves to “extend the uncertainty” created by Brexit.

It is disappointing that the EU is not over Its internal process, within the agreed time frame, creates insecurity for companies and the public on both sides, “said a British government spokesman who consulted with Europa Press.” We hope the EU complies with the new calendar, “he concluded.

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