The UK government website showed explicit pornography

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UK Department of Transportation (DfT) website Displayed explicit pornography For viewers until Thursday (25) and today (26). Located on the subdomain (, The page in question was already removed, while the domain was found to have been redirected to a WordPress plug-in page.

A spokesman for the department confirmed the issue in question Bleeping Computer. According to him, “Information or data is not lost or compromised.“,” The web address has been permanently deleted “, as well as the” Down and Inactive “page.

No site, Also note that there is another authentication-protected WordPress page. The exact cause of the problem on the side has not yet been identified, on the other hand. Thus, it is not yet possible to determine whether this problem was caused by an internal agent or as a result of some invasion of departmental systems.

Another address registered on S3 showed explicit content even after the main page was removed. In the subdomain in question, maps related to business plan documents and driving tests, best statistics and statistics about other government services will be displayed.

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