The UK government has decided to ban drivers from mobile gaming while driving

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The UK government has declared it useless Cell phone Becomes illegal behavior while driving. The Department of Transportation has identified mobile gaming as a prohibited activity while driving.

Anyone with a cell phone behind the wheel will receive six points on their driver’s license and an additional £ 200 (R $ 1,500 more or less) fine. Today, it is only illegal to text or call while using a cell phone while driving, but now that the law has been enforced, the highway code will change to make any cell phone activity illegal.

Drivers can no longer take photos or videos on their cell phones, browse music playlists, or catch ghosts on Pokémon Go. The law applies when parking a car at traffic lights or traffic jams. It is worth noting that there are exceptions to using a mobile phone connected to a site, for example, if you use it to locate yourself (GPS) or drive-through or pay at a customs office. Legal change follows public consultation on the matter, with the majority in favor of stricter regulations.

“Driver distraction is dangerous and using a mobile phone behind the wheel is not worth the risk.” Said Mary Williams, president of the Brake charity. “This important decision by the government on road safety in conjunction with Road Safety Week is to be welcomed. The news is especially welcomed by families affected by the catastrophic tragedy and injuries caused by the distraction of motorists by telephone. Road Safety Week Themed Road Safety Heroes – We can all be road safety heroes if we pay full attention to the driver. Said more. Do you use a cell phone while driving?

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