The UK economy is expected to accelerate recovery in 2021

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as Annual Economic Outlook Reports for United kingdomWhat or what They are senders To Parliament’s Treasury Committee, they were released on Monday the 24th, on the official government websiteEh no.

In a report President of the Bank of England)The Bank of England, In an abbreviation in English), Andrew BaileyAnd the Expectations are that British economy Will remain Recovering In an accelerated manner More than drit’s a Year. However, the leader expects such a recovery to slow in 2022.

a Gross Domestic Production (GDP) decreased in the first quarter of 2021 1,5%, Remain of 8.5% On Pre-pandemic level (The period ending in the last quarter of 2019), Projections below Act RReport for solitic Monetary (MPR) February.

to me Bailey, a Economic inflation in the UK Temporarily More than 2% This year, pThis is mainly due to higher energy prices.

Meanwhile, the Michael Saunders, Director The Bank of EnglandAnd the SayThe effects of the epidemic have been very uneven United kingdom.

“a The epidemic has affected all households and businesses in the UK, but the effects have been very uneven. Several sectors of the economy showed severe weakness at the beginning of last year according to developments pandemicBut some have recovered a lot Fast, even as the pandemic continues.

In addition toThe sectoral impact of the epidemic impacts, There is also One Unevenness Geographera.

Mobility and Spending Data at Shops Indicate to weakenActivity More intense In big cities, How Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester e Central LondonAnd the From the UK as a whole, perhaps Reflection of D.Restrictions on services aimed at consumers.

Previously John Cunliffe, Deputy Governor Financial stability of the Bank of England, follows the same logic and believes Bailey a GDP is expected to rise sharply in the second quarter of this year, with the Suspension Restrictions on economic activity.

However, from 2022 onwards, growth will slow as the momentum of these factors wanes.

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