The UK continues to provide the Astrogenega vaccine against suspension in Europe

The UK continues to provide the Astrogenega vaccine against suspension in Europe
  • Leading British scientific institutes believe that there are more risks than benefits to interfering with the vaccine

  • Concerns about increasing public distrust are the vaccine program against Govt-19

Tens of thousands of Britons continue to receive Vaccine of Astrogenogen, Unhindered in the immunization campaign. Contrary to what is happening Europe, The UK Not suspended Vaccine By and large, it has already been able to inject almost half of the population. Eleven million have received AstraZeneca, along with them Pfizer, Both are currently available. Faced postponement in Europe, ScientistsBritish academics, doctors and politicians intervened and publicly defended an advantage Vaccine Considered very effective against Govit-19, In view of the fear that distrust is spreading among the people.

More than 125,000 people have lost their lives as a result Corona virus The country is slowly starting to increase, and the vaccine recession is something no one wants. “It is safe and works very well,” the Prime Minister wrote. Boris Johnson In the ‘Times’ newspaper. “Distributed is relatively easy” and “offered at a cost price.”

There are no demonstrable differences

The UK has used it a lot Dose No other astrogenic vaccine has been approved by scientists Thrombus They are unfair. It advises the government on both the British Drugs Regulatory Agency and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization. Professor, one of its leaders Anthony Horton“11 million doses of the Astrogenega vaccine have been administered in the UK, & rdquor; there has been no difference in the number of thrombi since its inception.

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AstraZeneca has a population of 17 million European union They have been vaccinated in the United Kingdom and the number of thrombi cases is 37 until March 8. “This is naturally a much lower number than that expected in the general population, and it’s like other licensed Covit-19 vaccines & rdquor; Specifies a statement.

“Disaster” for Europe

Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London Peter Oppanshaw, Assumes that the vaccine may be suspended in Europe “A disaster & rdquor ;. In an interview with the BBC, Openshaw said: “The benefits of vaccination at this stage are far greater than the concern about this rare type of blood clot. I think it’s a disaster to adopt the vaccine in Europe, which is already very bad in some countries & rdquor ;.

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David Spiegelheater, A professor of statistics at the University of Cambridge also fears that the suspension will increase reluctance against vaccines. “These suspensions raise suspicions that more and more people should not be vaccinated, which Europe desperately needs.” Germany Cases are on the rise, and now there is a rate Casualties Is higher than the UK and currently has the Astrogenogen vaccine they have stored in the refrigerator. For me this pause should not be alarming, more harmful than all & rdquor ;.

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