The UK claims that the Dubai Sheikh hacked his ex-wife using a spy


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai Used agents from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to hack and track his ex-wife’s phonesPrincess Haya bint al-Hussein, her legal advisers and staff, During the ongoing legal battle for the custody of his two children, Said the High Court of the United Kingdom.

Andrew McFarlane, the UK’s top family court judge, said in his ruling on Wednesday that he had discovered that Sheikh Mohammed had hacked Princess’ cell phones through a network of staff and agents. Haya, his personal assistant, his lawyers, Abaroness Shackleton and Nicholas Manners, and two members of his personal security team were licensed by the Israeli company in Dubai and the UAE to use the “Pegasus” software.

The software used is capable of tracking the location of the target, listening to their calls, accessing their contact lists, passwords, calendars and photos and reading incoming messages through applications, emails and text messages.

McFarlane concluded that “inventions are a total abuse of faith and indeed an abuse of power.”

“The father opposed the allegations and advised his attorneys.

“At no point did the father show any concern for the mother caring for her children, based on the fact that her phones had been hacked and her security had been infiltrated. Instead, he has joined a strong forensic team to challenge the findings proven by the mother and fight with her in every possible way,” he added.

The verdict was handed down on Wednesday after a one-year report was restrained by the Family Division of the UK High Court.

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In a statement on the same day, Sheikh Mohammed challenged the decision, saying it was based on an “incomplete picture”.

“I have always denied the allegations against me and will continue to do so. These questions are about state security measures. As a head of government involved in private family affairs, it is not appropriate for me personally or through my advisers in a foreign court to provide evidence on such important matters. Emirate of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates The UAE did not participate in the process and did not participate in the investigation, so the results are inevitably based on an incomplete picture, ”the statement said.

“Furthermore, the results are based on evidence not disclosed to me or my advisers. Therefore, I consider that they were unreasonably made,” he continued.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.

Since Sheikh Mohammed is the ruler of Dubai and vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, his lawyers have argued that the principle of foreign state law – which prohibits the legal trial of laws made by a foreign state – affects the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom in this case.

In January, McFarlane and Judge Martin Chamberlain ruled that the theory was not an impediment to hearing Princess Haya’s claims.

The findings are part of a series of ongoing investigations into the princess in London, and Sheikh Mohammed arranged for the abduction of his two daughters and forcibly took them to Dubai following a March 2020 verdict. His will.

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Sheikh has repeatedly denied all the allegations raised in the ongoing case.

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