The UK ambassador returns to Atletico

The UK ambassador returns to Atletico

What started as a joke on social media turned into true love. From her first contact with Atletico fans, Stephanie Al Qaq, the UK Ambassador to Brazil, has adopted Gallo as her favorite club.

This Thursday (28), she once again mentioned Alvinegro on her Twitter account and revealed her personal wish for 2024: “My wish for 2024 is that Gallo wins all the tournaments.”

At the beginning of the year, the Ambassador shared an online post when she visited the state of Minas Gerais and took home a collection of traditional foods from the region. Among the items were cheese bread, cachaça, coffee and dulce de leche.

But the post reached sports fans. The black and white team stated that for the kit to be complete, an Atletico uniform is essential. After the uproar, Stephanie Al-Qaq posted: “Something is missing… Gallo’s shirt!”

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